Executive Leadership

2018-2019 Executive Leadership

The Executive Council is comprised of the elected officers of Lions Club. This group is responsible for overseeing all operations of Lions.


Natalie Stutts

Natalie Stutts is a senior majoring in finance with a certificate in applied statistical modeling. Her three favorite things to do are play with dogs, watch YouTube, and volunteer!

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Vice President

Brandon Thint

Brandon Thint is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience. He’s a huge fan of cooking, likes music of all kinds, and enjoys meeting new people. His favorite events in Lions are Texas Lions Camp and Lions Leap.

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Natalie Stutts

Natalie Stutts is a junior majoring in Finance. Her hobbies include watching Youtube videos and exploring nature. Her post college plan is to get a job as an analyst in a financial firm and her favorite Lions event is It’s My Park Day.

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Kasey Rhone

Kasey Rhone is a junior in the Masters Public Accounting program. Her hobbies include wake surfing, trying new foods, and watching Gossip Girl. Her favorite Lions event is the CBI Ball where she got to dress up as Cinderella. She hopes to one day be a forensic accountant.

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Membership Director

Sahar Mithani

Sahar Mithani is a Sophomore majoring in Marketing on the Pre-Law track. Her hobbies include reading, trying out new foods, and hanging out with friends. She currently works at a law firm as a runner and her favorite Lions Club events are Lions Leap and Spring Camping.

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STEAM Committee Head

Sierra Prempeh

Sierra is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Neuroscience, with hopes of one day working in the healthcare technology industry. She currently works at the nursing school helping make simple games for people with neurological issues. She enjoys musicals, loves turtles, and speaks an obscure African language known as Twi. Her favorite Lions event is the Buda Wiener Dog Race.

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Legacy Committee Head

Chau Nguyen

Chau is a junior majoring in Public Health. Her favorite hobbies include collecting plushies, cooking, binge watching TVD and watching Queer Eye. After college Chau wants to go to Vietnam to do some volunteer work. Her favorite Lions event is Lions Leap.

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LEO Committee Head

Khoi Le

Khoi is a junior majoring in Biology. His hobbies include eating at new restaurants, studying at hipster coffee shops, and exploring the city. His favorite Lions Events are the CBI Dance and Hope for the Homeless. He plans to take his passions and continue to pursue helping others at a Texas dental school next fall.

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Green Team Committee Co-Head

Prachi Surbhi

Prachi is a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. Her hobbies include watching Supernatural, Sherlock, and Arthur. She also enjoys exploring various dishes and cooking them at home. Her post college plan is to work for a company that promotes sustainability in the world and her favorite Lions event is the Yellow Bike project.

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