Administrative Committee


General Overview

The Administrative Committee, in short, helps keep the club running smoothly. Behind the scenes, we are responsible for updating member information, recording service hours, processing applications for potential Lions, and reporting service events to Lions Club International. However, we also play a very visible role in Lions Club. The Administration Committee is also responsible for attending all Lions events to take pictures to create lasting memories for our members.

Besides doing paperwork and documenting events, we facilitate communication in the club. We maintain the Google Drive, which hosts the records of every meeting, service project, and social outing, as well as information on member participation. We also send out weekly newsletters to all members of the club and maintain an attractive and informative website. We strive to keep the club functioning so that the club is easily able to serve the community. While maintaining relations between our club’s district council and Lions Club International, we to provide seamless communication of information to keep our members knowledgeable of club events, meetings, and projects.

Committee Members

Alex Kim
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Ashley Vu
Senior Media Chair
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