Membership Committee



General Overview

Lions Club is first and foremost a service organization. The Membership Committee seeks to add value for our members by fostering a sense of community and building those lasting college connections. That being said, we are careful to make sure that our social events never take away from our service focus.

The Lions Club mission is something that appeals to everyone. Our campus club here at the University of Texas at Austin has experienced incredible growth and we plan to continue that trend. We all love giving back to our communities and making positive changes in the world, but we are also in college to make friends and have new experiences!

Committee Head

Sahar Mithani
Membership Director
Contact Sahar

Weekly Social Events

Lions Club socials are a fun way for new and old members to get acquainted with other Lions. Socials vary week to week, with anything from karaoke to capture the flag.

To our UT Lions: If there is something that you want to do with your fellow club members, contact our Director of Internal Relations with your idea and we’ll see what we can do! Our activities will be updated through Facebook, the website, and the weekly online newsletter.

Lions Lunches

Lions Lunches is a social initiative for club members to get to know one another through weekly randomized pairings. The two members contact one another and arrange a time to grab lunch, dinner, coffee, cookies, or whatever they choose. Sign-ups are ongoing and can be done by clicking here!

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