Service Committee



General Overview

The Service Committee is in charge of planning and coordinating all service related initiatives of the Lions Club at The University of Texas Austin. Our main priority is to act as an “opportunity provider” for those who wish to serve. We as a club want to influence and educate our generation on the importance of philanthropic initiatives. Thus as a committee, we have decided to offer a wide variety of projects that are more accommodative of the lives of busy college students. Service Committee members maintain contact with volunteering coordinators for future events, and we turn to our members themselves for ideas on what we can do next.

Committee Members

Arianna Garcia
Vice President
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Matthew Onorato
Senior Service Chair
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Weekly Service Opportunities

Weekend Volunteering Events

Every week, there will be 1 or 2 weekend volunteering events lasting anywhere from 1 hour up to 4 hours. These events are formatted in a way so that students can easily give back to the Austin Community. We coordinate transportation to all events (so if you have a car and don’t mind driving …we always greatly appreciate the help!).

Learn To Be

Learn To Be is our weekday weekly volunteering opportunity. Victory is an online tutoring service where volunteers provide tutoring assistance to underprivileged kids living in the Austin community. Volunteers tutor students from grades K-12 once or twice a week. This is a voluntary semester-long contractual agreement. Although it may seem like a big commitment, members have found that Learn To Be is an excellent way to help our community through bettering the education welfare of underprivileged children. Reserved rooms are provided for members to tutor together throughout the semester.

Long-Term Service Opportunities:

International Peace Poster Contest

Each year, Lions Club International and the United Nations jointly host the International Peace Poster Contest. Its purpose is to provide local 11-13 year olds the opportunity to express their vision of international peace through art. Each fall, we hope to sponsor a local AISD middle school to participate in the contest. As a club, we are not only providing encouragement for children to pursue the arts but also the inspiration to spread peace.

Lions Orchestra

Brought back by popular demand, the Lions Orchestra is an initiative that brings together members who share musical talents and want to put them to good use through service. Practices are held regularly so that our Lions can be ready for performances at retirement homes, and other places around the community.


Our service committee takes on many service projects and is constantly expanding. Naturally, there is a fundamental need for a large group of leadership. Below, listed and explained, are all the leadership positions within the committee. Each of these positions renew yearly. The Vice President is the only elected position and is chosen in the spring prior to taking office. All other positions are based on an interview with the executive board (President, Vice President, Membership Director, Secretary, Treasurer) during the fall and become part of the Board of Directors in the spring.

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